Vittorio Brando


Research Activity: 

Vittorio Brando has a background in aquatic ecology and ecological modelling of shallow water environments. He worked on ecological modelling of macro algae colonies dynamics and of trophic interactions in shallow water basin. Vittorio’s current research is focused on remote sensing of coastal waters with the aim of enabling a better understanding of environmental processes of coastal systems trough the translation the remote sensing data into relevant information for decision makers or other scientific and non scientific end-users.
His main interests include: optical oceanography in coastal systems, hyperspectral signal and imagery analysis, radiative transfer models, retrieval of water quality parameters from ocean color data, shallow waters mapping, and assimilation of remote sensing data into biogeochemical models.He has been Principal Investigator for several large collaborative projects focussed on the development of applications of Earth Observation for the environmental management of the Great Barrier Reef coastal waters and on the addition of optical oceanography data streams to the ocean-observing infrastructure in Australian coastal and marine environments. After two years as Senior Marie Curie Fellow at CNR-IREA in Milan (2014-2015), where he focused on remote sensing algorithms for optically complex waters, Dr Brando is now at CNR-ISAC in Rome where he serves as  the Deputy Leader of the Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Center in Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service.