Francesca Pollini

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+39 051 639 9557

Research Activity: 

She is a technologist and she has been involved in the atmospheric chemistry group activities over the last ten years. She is Executive Manager of the European IGAC Core Project Office (, running the technical, organizational and managerial activities organized at the international level by IGAC. Through this international activity, it has been possible to support in the last few years the participation of more than 400 young researchers at international conferences and to facilitate the coordination and integration within the international community in the field of chemistry. She supports the management of the Project ACCENT-Plus, for the continuation of the coordination of the European operations on the change in the composition of the atmosphere and to transfer scientific results to policy makers. She supports the management of the project "Supersito", reviewing the scientific reports periodically produced, studying and managing the databases related to health events with short and long term relevance, also through correlations between the current flows of information and analysis of information sources of epidemiological and toxicological studies. She handles with coordination and organization of conferences and workshops, measurement field campaigns and also with preparation and revision of European and international scientific project proposals and ongoing projects. She is also recently improving her skills in all the technical laboratory activities connected with the last field campaign experiments and related with the use of instruments for analytical techniques (Ionic Chromatography, HPLC, TOC-TN analyser).