The observations of the ISAC-CNR station of Monte Cimone, part of the GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch) network, have been used for the preparation of a press release by the WMO (World Meteorological Organization): it is too early to draw definitive conclusions on the importance of decreases recorded in March 2020 as regards concentrations of greenhouse gases, but be careful of the post-crisis and not to forget Climate Actions.

Measurement traceability and data quality are essential requirements by the WMO for monitoring atmospheric aerosol optical properties by International radiometer networks.
For this reason ISAC is organizing, during October 2017, the 1st International Campaign QUATRAM: QUAlity and TRaceabiliy of Atmospheric aerosol Measurements

March 23, 2017. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has released its updated version of the International Cloud Atlas (https://www.wmocloudatlas.org) in conjunction with the World Meteorological Day.  
The Atlas is the global reference for observing and classifying clouds and other weather phenomena. For the first time, the 2017 edition will primarily be a web-based portal, allowing for much richer content and presentation easily accessible to a vast audience.


3 new GAW observatories: Lecce, Lamezia, Capo Granitola

The three Environmental Climate Observatories, developed by ISAC-CNR during last years in the framework of I-AMICA Project(PON-REC 2007-2013), (PON-REC 2007-2013), have been accepted as Regional Stations in the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW-WMO) Programme.