Sources, Transformation and deposition of anthrOPgenic and natural comPounds and air quality-climatE inteRactions


Research Activity: 

We contribute to understand the global changes and their impacts on the air quality and the climate system, studying emission processes, transformation and deposition of trace substances resulting from the natural biogeochemical cycles of the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as by human activities.


  1. Sources: Identification of anthropogenic and natural sources of aerosol and trace gases (flows, chemical composition, chemical transport models and receptor models).
  2. Transport, transformation of gases and aerosols
  3. Surface-Athmosphere Exchange of Aerosol, Gases and Energy
  4. Aerosol and Climate: aerosols forcings on climate, aerosol radiative properties, cloud activation processes, CCN, IN
  5. Aerosol and Human Health: impact of fine particles on human health by proxy of toxicology, statistical studies.
  6. Air Sea Interaction: chemical composition and formation processes of marine organic aerosol and interaction with water biological activity and pollution
  7. Support to Policymakersidentify win-win policies for the improvement of air quality (at the urban, regional, national, European or transcontinental level) and to limit climate change.
  8. Technological Transfer


Management of the operations at the field stations: