Global Ocean Satellite monitoring and marine ecosystem studies


Research Activity: 

NEWS! Since October 2018 the GOS group has moved to ISMAR-CNR

The monitoring of the marine ecosystem status and the prediction of its evolution is one of the challenges of the 21st century marine research. GOS aims at contributing to the implementation of a global observing system for this purpose. The challenge is to move from an observational and modeling data system, designed to meet the needs of the scientific community, to an integrated observing system yielding the information necessary to the study of oceanic processes (physical, biologeochemical) and meeting the needs of a wider audience of institutional users, national and regional services, and common citizens. The interdisciplinary nature of scientific and environmental problems requires the development of embedded operational systems that monitor meteorological forcing and physical, geochemical and biological processes. The goal of the research is to integrate satellite observations with in situ data and the outcomes of numerical models to monitor the ocean variables that are crucial to define and understand the physical and biological marine environment in the short and long terms. The availability of an integrated data system also allows to improve the numerical modeling of the dynamics of physical, chemical and biological Lagrangian tracers, as well as develop innovative algorithms for data assimilation in numerical models.

Papers released by the Group