Climate dynamics and variability: processes, reconstructions, scenarios and impacts


Research Activity: 

Current activities include: • Study of the basic processes of climate dynamics and variability, of changes in the hydrological cycle and of climate-biosphere interactions. • Study of the interactions between climate and cryosphere (sea ice and continental ice, snow). • Stratosphere-troposphere-ocean coupling. • Analysis and simulation of heat and moisture transport and aerosols in the atmosphere. • Development and implementation of simplified models of climate dynamics (Energy Balance Models and Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity). • Climatic reconstructions on high-resolution grids and analysis of climatic time series. • Analysis and simulation of temperature and precipitation extremes. • Development and implementation of the global climate model EC-Earth. • Development and implementation of non-hydrostatic regional climate models (WRF). • Climate predictions from multi-annual to multi-decadal time scales. • Development and implementation of climate downscaling methods. • Analysis of the impact of climate change on the water cycle, on mountain glaciers, on ecosystems and on fire occurrence, with special focus on the national territory. • Analysis of climate change in mountain regions (Alps, Apennines, Himalaya-Karakoram) and in the Arctic. • Analysis of paleoclimatic records and paleoclimatic modelling. CLIMATE MONITORING

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