MOLOCH is a non-hydrostatic limited-area model that integrates the fully compressible dynamical equations with parameterized diffusion, radiation, soil physics and cloud microphysics. As a convection-permitting model, it is designed to operate at resolutions coarser than the "grey area" of sub-km grid size.

MOLOCH is a tool designed and used by the MODAT group for meteorological research. It was contributed to international projects for case-studies and experimental operational forecast (Hymex, Riskmed, MAP D-PHASE) resulting in the production of databases of high resolution forecasts over target areas in Europe and the Mediterranean. MOLOCH is currently being used operationally at ARPAL.

As part of a cooperation agreement with the Department of Civil Protection, MOLOCH is being run daily at ISAC (see forecast page) with a resolution of 0.014 degrees (1.55 km) and 50 hybrid vertical levels on the area shown in the images. Initial and boundary conditions for the daily MOLOCH run, started at 03:00 UTC, are obtained from the BOLAM forecast.

The model is now used by other, public and private, subjects for research and application purposes (ISPRA, Jeppesen S.p.A). Output of the MOLOCH model, in this and other configurations, is provided to external users for further elaboration and applications (ADBVE, Edison, project Kassandra)

In cooperation with DICAT, ISMAR and ARPAL, MOLOCH was used to provide high resolution wind forecast for the Italian Olympic Sailing Team at Weymouth (2012).

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