The Integrated Lagrangian particle model with the Eulerian global model GLOBO (IL-GLOBO), is a Coupled Chemistry-Meteorology/Climate Modelling (CCMM) in which the composition part is described in a Lagrangian framework by a stochastic Lagrangian model. The online coupling makes all the Eulerian fields necessary to drive Lagrangian particles motion (wind, diffusion coefficients, ...) available at each time step of the Eulerian part for forward simulations and at an arbitrary time step (larger or equal) for backward simulations.
Special care in the development was devoted to the Eulerian-Lagrangian consistency to make the two components to describe the same physics.
So far, the model implements a turbulence closure for the Lagrangian part that makes it consistent with the Eulerian diffusion equations for scalars (Rossi and Maurizi, 2014) and a stochastic description of deep convection that ensure consistency with the Eulerian Kain-Frisch scheme (Rossi et al, 2016).

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Alberto Maurizi
bibliographic references: 
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