Urban Meteorological Station

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Urban Weather Station
(AITeCH project)

Urban Weather Station is operating in the old town, within the complex of the Ospedale dello Spirito Santo immediately adjacent door Rudiae in Lecce (40 ° 21' 3''N - 18 ° 9 '44''E). The weather station consists of an instrumented mast (2.3m) placed on the roof of the building (total height from the road, 14.2m).
In total, the measurement station is composed by:

A two-dimensional sonic anemometer (WindSonic) to measure the wind field on the instrumented mast.
Unlike electro-mechanical anemometers this type of instrument does not have blind spots in detection of the direction and speed
does not have a threshold below which the measures become unreliable.
The absence of moving parts eliminates the need to calibrate the airspeed indicator on the field and makes it ideal for long-term

A slow thermo hygrometer (CS215, Campbell Scientific) to measure the temperature and relative humidity,
a radiometer (Micros TRADNT V) for the measurement of net radiation.

A rain gauge ARG100. The measurement system is a tipping bucket (contact closure). The diameter of the catchment is 254 mm. The resolution is 0.2 mm

All sensors are interfaced to a datalogger (CR200, Campbell Scientific) for storage of data continuously.
The datalogger is connected to a mini PC that allows you to have a remote control and weather station with a GSM system to transfer data
to our central server to ISAC-CNR and are available on this website address: