Urban meteorological station

Person in charge: 

The meteorological station is operative from October 2010 and it is located in the old town of Lecce, within the complex of the Ospedale dello Spirito Santo immediately adjacent Rudiae portal (40 ° 21' 3''N - 18 ° 9 '44''E). The weather station is housed over an instrumented mast (2.3m) placed on the roof of the building (total height from the road, 14.2m). The measurement station is composed by:

A two-dimensional sonic anemometer (WindSonic) to measure the wind field on the instrumented mast. The absence of moving parts eliminates the need to calibrate the airspeed indicator on the field and makes it ideal for long-term studies.

A thermo hygrometer (CS215, Campbell Scientific) to measure the temperature and relative humidity, and a radiometer (Micros TRADNT V) for the measurement of net radiation.

A rain gauge ARG100. The measurement system is a tipping bucket (contact closure). The diameter of the catchment is 254 mm. The resolution is 0.2 mm.

All sensors are interfaced to a datalogger (CR200, Campbell Scientific) for continuous data storage. The datalogger is connected to a mini PC that allows to have a remote control of the weather station through the GSM network. Measurements are transfered to a central server at ISAC-CNR (UOS of Lecce) and they are available on website in real-time.