Oceanographic buoy

Person in charge: 

ISAC takes part to deployment at the sea of an oceanographic buoy in the Sicily Channel. In this framework ISAC has purchased optical instrumentation to make the buoy a continuos validation site for ocean color data. This buoy is going to be the second site in the Mediterranean Sea and the third at global scale to produce continuos bio-optical measurements. The buoy is going to deployment at the sea within 2014.
Name: Radiometers mout on the buoy
Description: On the buoy will be installed 7 multispectral radiometers (SATLANTIC). One of these will be mounted at the top of the buoy and will be the reference. The others will be installed at two different depths (about 2.5 and 6 meters) in order to measeure irradiance (downwelling and upwelling) and radiance (upwelling). Acquired data will be sent (via GPRS) and processed. Processed data will be published on web site and they will contribute to better estimate geophysical variables to study the marine ecosystem