Microbalance laboratory

Person in charge: 

The Microbalance Laboratory has been realised in 2013 at the U.O.S. of Lecce of the ISAC-CNR Institute to ensure conditioning and gravimetric analysis of filters devoted to collection of atmospheric particulate. It is an air conditioned environment in which it is possible to maintain constant environmental temperature and relative humidity (T = 20 ° C ± 1 ° C and Ur = 50 % ± 5% ) as required by the EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 12341 1999 regulations. The laboratory is equipped with a Sartorius Cubis MSA analytical electronic microbalance (+/- 1 µg) placed on a weighing antivibration table. It is available an Ionization blower to neutralize the charges present on the filters and a thermo-hygrometer (Oregon Scientific) to monitor environmental parameters. There is also a polycarbonate dryer used for the conditioning of the filters in a protected environment and a safety cabinet ( SAFETYBOX - Labor Security System) for the storage of chemicals solid / hazardous liquids complies with EN14470-1.