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METEOLAB-DOMEC is an integrated system aimed at the operational monitoring of turbulence, dynamics of the atmosphere and the depth of the atmospheric boundary layer, at the Italian-French station of Concordia at Dome C (Fig.1). METEOLAB-DOMEC includes a SL-SODAR (Surface Layer SODAR), sonic anemometers and radiometers. The SL-SODAR (Fig.2) is a SODAR configured to study the thermal structure of the atmospheric surface-layer (Fig.3). In the SL- SODAR a tone with a frequency of 5 kHz and duration of 10 ms is synthesized, the operative range is approximately 150 m. The first range gate starts at 2 m and the vertical resolution is approximately 1.7 m. Triaxial sonic anemometers Metek USA-1 and Gill HS-50 (Fig.4, Fig. 5) are used to measure the three wind components, the sonic temperature, the atmospheric turbulent fluxes of heat and momentum. Radiometers (Kipp and Zonen, CNR-1) provide the upward and downward shortwave and longwave radiation