Laboratory Analysis and Characterization of Atmospheric Particulate

Person in charge: 

The Laboratory Analysis and Characterization of Atmospheric Particulate of ISAC-CNR, UOS of Lecce, is located on the ground floor of the building that houses the Institute. The laboratory include: • A Binder incubator (Class 2.0, mod. 9010-0078) used for heat-treatment of filter samples and for conditioning of silica gel (temperature range 40-230 °C, typical working temperature 120 °C). • A muffle furnace (Nabertherm GmbH, mod. LE020K1RN) used for heat-treatment of quartz fiber filters (range 200-900 °C, typical working temperature 700 °C). • A Thermal-optical OC/EC aerosol analyzer (Sunset Laboratory Inc. , mod. 5L) for the determination of organic and elemental carbon on particulates collected on quartz fiber filters. The main components of the analyzer are: (1) quartz oven which includes the valves for gas flow regulation, Laser/Photo-detector (PD) Unit and electronic board; (2) FID/methanator Unit and (3) a PC type computer for operation of the instrument. • A Hydrogen generator DBS (mod Rack-NMH2). • Four cylinders with pure gases and gaseous mixtures necessary for the use of the EC/OC analyzer.