Equipment for bio-optical sampling of the water column

ISAC is equipped with a complete measurement package for the sampling of the bio-optical properties of the water column. This instrumentation is used to obtain in situ measurements for calibration and validation of remote sensing algorithms for retrieval of bio-geochemical parameters from ocean colour. The instrument package is utilized in ISAC’s yearly oceanographic surveys of the Mediterranean Sea.
The bio-optical package consists of the following tools:
Name: Satlantic radiometers (profiler and surface reference)
Description: in water and surface radiometers to measure irradiance and radiance, along the water column, at the same bands of the ocean color satellites. This instrument allows to measure basic variables (Normalized Water Leaving Radiance or Remote Sensing Reflectance) to estimate geophysical variables (i.e. chlorophyll, light attenuation coefficient etc. etc) in order to study the marine ecosystem. The profiler is the workhorse sensor suite for the global optical oceanography community who investigate basic fundamental biological and physical processes that involve light in the ocean.
Name: ECO-VSF3 scattering profiler
Description: vertical profiler to measure the volume scattering function at 3 bands and 3 angles. From the volume scattering function it is able to estimate the back-scattering fraction, an important variable to study the optical properties of the ocean and for a better evaluation of the geophysical variables to study the marine ecosystem
Name: AC-S in-situ Spectrophotometer (WetLabs)
Description: Spectrophotometer to measure absorption and attenuation of the light along the water column. These optical properties (with laboratory analisys) allow a better evaluation of the geophysical variables to study the marine ecosystem.