SMART simulation of the fire at the 3V-Sigma plant in Marghera (Venice) on May 15th 2020

The recent accident - 15th of May 2020 - with a fire at the 3V-Sigma industrial plant in Marghera (Venice) has been simulated with SMART modelling suite, as test case. The emission term has been elaborated together with ARIANET Srl.
The modelling system SMART is under development for the simulation of accidental releases dispersion. SMART is composed by the non-hydrostatic atmospheric model MOLOCH (here run at 500 m horizontal resolution), interfaced to the Lagrangian stochastic particle dispersion model SPRAY, through the new ARAMIS code.
The new suite is planned to be adopted as a tool for emergency response purposes in any part of the Italian territory at any time.

SMART - Spray-Moloch Atmospheric Regional Tool
Contacts:  Silvia Trini Castelli, Piero Malguzzi