Primi risultati del progetto NOSE

The first results of the project 'NOSE Network for Odor Sensitivity' were presented. The project is developed in the framework of the collaboration between the Institute of Atmosphere and Climate Sciences of the National Research
Council (CNR-ISAC) and Arpa Sicilia (Sicily regional Agency for the Environmental Protection) . The project foresees scientific research activity for operational purposes with the support of citizen science. The aim of the project is the identification of the odor emission sources based on the territory by citizens through the NOSE App indications from citizens. The project is divided into three actions: the chemical and olfactory analyzes performed on the air masses sampled following the reports, the data analysis of ARPA air quality controlnetwork in the area, and the calculation of the back-trajectories in near-real-time calculated by using the MOLOCH model developed in ISAC.

Active since 30 August 2019 in the Syracuse area, the NOSE App registered over 3,200 reports from almost 2,000 citizens, who have mainly (2400 times) noticed the smell of hydrocarbons, 271 that of sulfur compounds and 180 that of
solvents. "NOSE system" has also been exported to the AERCA of Milazzo - Bacino del Mela and to Catania.
The free and anonymous WEB-APP for smartphones can be downloaded from the website:


For additional information: Paolo Bonasoni, CNR-ISAC,