Micrometeorological station

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The micrometeorological station, operative from 2002, is intended to give complete information about the surface-atmosphere transfer of momentum, heat and water vapour (edddy covariance system for the turbulent fluxes ). It is composed by two units: atelescopic mast and an automated meteorological station. Telescopic mast with fast response instrumentation (16 meters) equipped with: A Solent-Gill 20 Hz ultrasonic anemomenter, one Campbell Kh20 Krypton hygrometerA surface temperature sensor Everest 4000.GL, A net radiometer (Siap-Micros Radnt), and a slow response thermohygrometer (Rotronic MP100). Automated meteorological station equipped with standard meteorological sensors and soil data sensors: Standard sensors: cup anemometer, thermohygrometer, global and net radiometers, rain gauge, barometer. Soil sensors are devoted to collect temperature, moisture and heat flux data at 2 levels underground: 2 thermistor temperature sensors (Campbell107L) 2 moisture content capacitive sensors (Decagon EC-5) 2 thermopile soil heat flux sensor (Hukseflux) At the station is active, since 2007, a MINISODAR for the measurement of the vertical profiles of the wind in the boundary layer. The measurements are transmitted via the GSM network to the central server at ISAC-CNR (UOS di Lecce). The data can be viewed in near real time on a web platform.