Mediterranean Satellite Observing System

Person in charge: 

ISAC-GOS has developed and manages the Mediterranean Sea Satellite Observing System. This system is the Mediterranean component of the European Satellite Ocean Observing System. The system generates daily dataset of sea surface temperature, chlorophyll and inherent optical properties of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. As of 1999 specific automated procedures ingest daily raw data from satellite sensors operating in the visible and infrared, acquired through the "ground segments" of space agencies, and within one hour of acquisition yield available higher level products in near real time. The data are processed using ad hoc algorithms developed by GOS in order to improve the quality of products for the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Datasets are generated in NetCDF format according to the specifications of both the Climate and Forecast convention (CF) as well as to operational oceanography directives. Recently, as part of the RITMARE project, the Mediterranean Sea satellite observing system has been enhanced and provides in addition to the SST and ocean color data the sea surface wind fields derived from satellite-derived scatterometer measurements.