LIDAR Raman-Mie-Rayleigh

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The Raman-Mie-Rayleigh (RMR) lidar is located in Rome-Tor Vergata in two containers and can be utilized for routinel in situ observations or transported for measurement campaigns to remote sites.
The system, designed at ISAC-CNR, emits pulses at the 2nd and 3rd harmonics, 532 and 355 nm respectively, of a Nd:YAG laser. The lidar receiver is a multi-channel system, based on a set of 11 Newtonian telescopes (9 of which arranged as an array to produce a single measurement) each channel having the proper sensitivity for sounding a different altitude sub-range.
The system is currently designed to acquire 8 backscattered signals at 4 wavelengths: 532 and 355 nm as product of elastic backscatter and at 387 and 407 nm, the Raman shifted wavelength for the 355 nm for Nitrogen and Water vapour respectively.
With the information collected it is possible to develop and apply inversion algorithms to study:
- aerosols
- clouds (particularly cirrus)
- water vapour
- temperature (in the upper stratosphere-mesosphere)
Depending from on the product and the time of day the system cover a range from about 150 m to 80 km with vertical resolution that can be up to 7.5 m and sampling time of 10 Hz.