Laboratory for ice physics

Person in charge: 

The cold laboratory is used for experiments on the physics of atmospheric ice and mainly consists of three cold rooms: the first one down to -5°C. the second one down to -25°C, and the third one down to -35°C. Their volumes are 32 m3, 32 m3, 22 m3respectively. By using the experimental devices located inside the cold cells, several experimenst can be done. By instance the first cell can be used to handle the accreted ice deposits obtained into the vertical wind tunnel. In the second cell a cloud chamber (cylindrical column equipped with a droplet generator) is located where experiments about aerosol scavenging during ice crystals growing or evaporating are performed. In the cold cells is also possible to test instruments and components which will be used in cold environments (poles and high altitude sites). The cells could also store ice core carrots. An open-top freezer (refrigerator) is also included in the warm laboratory. The refrigerator is equipped with instruments to measure the ice nuclei concentration at different supersaturation conditions, according to deposition and condensation heterogenous nucleation modes.