IT Infrastructure for Operational Oceanography

Person in charge: 

Due to the several operational projects caried out over the years, ISAC keeps upgrading the IT infrastructure (computing and storage) in terms of scalability, flexibility and robustness, purchasing new hardware generation systems (clusters, blades, NAS) and applying new methodologies and / or approaches for optimizing their use (GRID, CLOUD and Virtualization). The infrastructure, hosted in a dedicated environment (data center), runs alongside the normal desktop PC approach, still in use for development. Description: - IBM BladeCenter H, 14 blades for a total of 448 CPU cores and 1TB RAM. The system is used for the processing operation, development and reprocessing of Ocean Color and Sea Surface Temperature satellite data. - SuperMicro NAS systems for a total of about 300Tb of disk space. The systems share via various protocols (mainly NFS) the space needed to process and store the data source and the products, as well as software programs and the necessary procedures. Data consistency is guaranteed by HW RAID systems.