Environmental climate observatory PON I-AMICA - Lecce

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The Environmental Climate Observatory of ISAC-CNR, UOS of Lecce, is located in a shelter on the roof of the Institute. The observatory has been realized in the framework of the project PON “INFRASTRUTTURA AMICA: Infrastruttura di alta tecnologia per il monitoraggio integrato climatico-ambientale” (I-AMICA) to continuously collect environmental data such as meteorological data, different gas concentrations and fractions of particulate matter in the atmosphere. Instrument control, data acquisition and data analysis are performed remotely via internet (www.i-amica.it). The roof of the shelter is equipped to take real-time meteorological measurements using a radiometer (Kipp & Zonen, mod. CNR4), that measures solar and thermic radiation, and an automatic wheatear station (Vaisala, mod. WXT520) for the main meteorological parameters acquisition. The roof of the observatory hosts the sampling probes for gas and aerosol connected to the measurement instruments located inside the shelter. Outside the observatory there is a booth to host the cylinders of pure gases needed for periodic calibration of gas concentration detectors and a telescopic mast to measure particle number concentration and vertical particle fluxes, using the Eddy-Covariance method with an Ultrafine Condensation Particle Counter UCPC (TSI, mod. 3776) and an ultrasonic anemometer Gill R3. The internal area of the shelter is equipped with different instruments to measure atmospheric parameters: • Heated gas sampling probe (General Impianti srl) to control the relative humidity, with a manifold with 11 connectors. • Aerosol sampling probe, with a manifold with 10 connectors, equipped with a high volume pump (Mega System srl, mod. X1-Hornet). • Measurements of the particle size distributions in the range between 8 nm and 800 nm Using a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS produced at the Tropos- Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, following Actris specifications). • Measurements of particle size distributions in the range between 0.28 µm and 10 µm with Optical Particle Counter (OPC FAI instruments, mod. Multichannel). • Particulate monitor (FAI Instruments, mod. SWAM Dual Channel) for the simultaneous measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 using the -ray attenuation method. • Multiangle Absorption Photometer-MAAP (Thermoscientific mod. 5012) for measurement of atmospheric black carbon. • Integrating Nephelometer TSI (mod. 3560) for aerosol back scattering measurements. • PICARRO Analyzer (mod. G2401) for simultaneous measurements of CO, CO2, CH4 and water vapor. • Measurements of gaseous concentrations with an ozone analyser (Thermoscientific, mod. 49i) and a nitrogen oxides analyser (Thermoscientific, mod. 42i-TL). • System for calibration of analisers of gases concentration: Zero Air Supply (Thermoscientific mod. 1160) rack mounted, ozone generator (Thermoscientific mod. 49i-PS) and a Multi Gas Calibrator (Thermoscientific mod. 146i) • Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) system for measurements of columnar content of gases with an external head mounted on the roof of the observatory, connected to the spectrophotometer via optical fibers. • A server station, connected to a data logger Campbell Scientific CR1000 with battery backup, allows data display through a monitor, data acquisition and remote data transfer (

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