Delegation of Environment Ministry of Botswana and Italy visiting ISAC-CNR

March 29, 2017. A delegation of representatives of the Ministries of Environment of Republic of Botswana and of Italy visited the Rome laboratories of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate in the frame of an ongoing memorandum of understanding between the two ministries. At the meeting, projects ongoing at ISAC, also in collaboration with Sapienza University (Rome) in the field of early warning of hydrometeorological risky conditions were illustrated and discussed. Marco Caselli (ELDES srl) illustrated examples of new weather radars systems, and the use of weather radar in early warning system was discussed by the participants.

In the picture (from the left):   Fabio Russo (Università Sapienza, Roma), Ernesto Fino (Min. Ambiente, Italia), Nicoletta Roberto (CNR ISAC), Balisi Gopolang (Min. Ambiente, Botswana),  Samantha Sapienza (Min. Ambiente, Italia), Jimmy Opelo (Min. Ambiente, Botswana), Luca Baldini (CNR ISAC), Marco Caselli (ELDES srl), Valerie Morupisi (Min. Ambiente, Botswana), Bruna Kohan (Min. Ambiente, Italia).