CNR-Isac involved in the EMeRGe Campain

Emerge campaign

From July 10 to 30, 2017, ISAC-CNR will be actively involved in the operational phase of the international project EMeRGe ("Effect of Megacities on the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants on the Regional to Global Scales";, led by the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen. The project is aimed at investigating experimentally the patterns of atmospheric transport and transformation of pollution plumes originating from European megacities and Major Population Centers.
The number and size of highly populated centers is increasing worldwide and the impact of their emissions on atmospheric composition, air quality and human health at local, regional and hemispheric scales, is still inadequately understood and needs to be studied.
To meet this objective, measurements of key reactive gases and aerosols will be performed by the German Gulfstream HALO aircraft in  North Europe and in the Mediterranean area.
On July 11, 2017 HALO overflew Italy from the Po Valley to Rome (Figure 1).
Simultaneously the ultralight SkyArrow ERA aircraft (, thanks to a joint collaboration among ISAC, ISAFOM and IBIMET, flew over Rome to measure atmospheric parameters (wind, temperature, humidity), gas concentrations, and aerosol size distribution, at altitudes from 150 to 1500 m (Figure 2). 
The SkyArrow performed two circles over the Rome ring road, GRA and three vertical profiles. The synergy between the two aircraft measurements is expected to provide insights into the spatial and temporal variability of the Rome pollution plume and outflow.
During the whole campaign period, both gas and aerosol measurements will be performed from the ground, using in situ and remote sensing devices in the atmospheric observatories of ISAC-CNR (Tor Vergata) and of the Rome University ‘La Sapienza’ (

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Figure 1: flight plan of the  Gulfstream DLR HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft)


Figure 2: the Skyarrow ERA flying over the Research Area of Torvergata