C-band dual polarization Doppler Radar - Polar 55C

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Polar 55C is the C-band dual polarization Doppler weather radar working since 2001 in the CNR Tor Vergata research area in Rome. It was developped in the 1980s to support research in the emerging field of dual polarization methods for radar sensing of precipitation by italian industry based on an existing system manufacturer by EEC. The first installation of Polar 55C was in 1991 in Montagnana, near Florence, for the Arno Project, a project to demonstrate a multisensor monitoring systems capable of early forecasting Arno flashfloods. In 2001, Polar 55C was moved to its current location. It features a single-offset antenna without radome, a klystron transmitter (used at 250 kW) and the alternate polarization transmission scheme. Polar 55C has been updated along the years: in 2002 new digital receiver, Radar Signal Processor, user interface and data acquisition system were adopted. More recently, the new servo-antenna system has been installed. The radar is now supporting the development of innovative quantitative precipitation estimation techniques supported by the Civil Protection Department, field experiments (such as the HyMeX programme), and validation of satellite precipitation measurements, being part of the network of research radars for the ground validation of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission.