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Head: Dr. Alberto Mugnai

The unifying and characterizing element of this Thematic Division is the acquisition and analysis of data from space, from a variety of in situ platforms and from ground based stations. These observations are provided from state-of-the art sensors and devices, often developed and customized in the ISAC laboratories. Goal of the assessments and interpretations of the data is the observation and study of processes in the Earth atmosphere and oceans.

Main Research Topics: Water cycle, with emphasis on precipitation; Cloud physics; Dynamics and microphysics of mid-latitude precipitation systems; Dynamics of planetary boundary layer; Turbulence and parameterization of planetary boundary layer; Local and mesoscale atmospheric circulation; Atmospheric aerosols and their direct and indirect effects on the Earth's radiative balance; Meteorology and climatology of polar regions; Climatology of Antarctic stratosphere, with emphasis on temperature and clouds; Monitoring of atmospheric components relevant to climate and meteorology; Tropical and mid-latitude upper troposphere / lower stratosphere interactions; Ocean circulation and biological productivity, with emphasis on the Mediterranean sea; Mediterranean climatology; Air-sea interactions and ocean surface characterization; Sea-ice classification.

These are grouped within six Main Research Themes: