The Italian Climate Observatory “O. Vittori” (ICO-OV), is a research infrastructure managed by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the National Reaserach Council (CNR). It is the only high mountain station for atmospheric research both South of the Alps and the Po basin and it represents a strategic platform to study the chemical-physical characteristics and climatology of the South Europe and North Mediterranean basin. The ICO-OV is part of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Station at High Altitude for Research on the Environment (SHARE) project by EV-K2-CNR.

Aperture estive dell'Osservatorio CNR "O. Vittori" e dell'Osservatorio Meteorologico dell'AM di Monte Cimone
Arrivederci al prossimo anno!

Il giorno 27 agosto 2014 si e' concluso il ciclo di aperture estive dell'Osservatorio Climatico "O. Vittori" del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) e dell'Osservatorio Meteo dell'Aeronautica Miltare (AM) di Monte Cimone. Il personale del CNR ringrazia gli oltre 300 visitatori che nei giorni di apertura dei laboratori sono venuti a farci vista

NEW: Near-Real Time (NRT) DUST alert

Since today an experimental service for the near-real time (NRT) dust alert is active for ICO-OV. The service, currently under advanced test phase, provides a near-real time detection of Saharan Dust Events (SDE) from North Africa as deduced by ICO-OV observations at Monte Cimone.

SDE is detected when the in-situ aerosol number coarse (i.e. Dp > 1um) concentration exceeds 0.5 cm-3 for three consecutive hours and air-masses from Northern Africa are forecast by the HYSPLIT model, provided by NOAA-ARL.

To take part in the test phase and to sign up for the service, write an e-mail to CIMONE-Dust-Alertatisac [dot] cnr [dot] it providing in the mail body the following information: Name, Surname, Institution, purpose of subscription. Your feedback is very welcome!!!

ICO-OV staff

NRT ICO-OV aerosol observations are available at:
HYSPLIT air-mass back-trajectory forecast for Mt. Cimone are available at:
Information on experimental set-up:

Subscription: CIMONE-Dust-Alertatisac [dot] cnr [dot] it
Contact email: p [dot] cristofanelliatisac [dot] cnr [dot] it
Technical support: m [dot] busettoatisac [dot] cnr [dot] it

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