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Meetings and other initiatives of the IPWG and related bodies

8th IPWG and 5th IWSSM Joint Workshop
Bologna, Italy
3-7 October, 2016

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7th IPWG Workshop
Tsukuba, Japan
17-21 November, 2014

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4th International Workshop on Space-based Snowfall Measurement: Developing Requirements and Framework for a Space-based Mission
Mammoth Mountain, California, USA
6-8 May, 2013

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6th IPWG Workshop
Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
15-19 October, 2012
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3rd International Workshop on Space-based Snowfall Measurement
Grainau, Germany
30 March-2 April, 2011

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5th IPWG Workshop
Klima Campus, Max Planck Institut für Meteorologie
Hamburg, Germany
11-15 October, 2010

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4th IPWG Workshop
Chinese Meteorological Agency
Beijing, China
13-17 October, 2008
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2nd International Workshop on Space-based Snowfall Measurement
Steamboat Ski Village
Colorado, USA 31 March - 4 April 2008
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Program to Evaluate High Resolution Precipitation Products (PEHRPP)
1st Workshop
World Meteorological Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
3-5 December, 2007
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3rd IPWG Workshop
Bureau of Meteorology
Melbourne, Australia
23-27 October, 2006
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IPWG/GPM/GRP Workshop on global microwave modeling and retrieval of snowfall
University of Wisconsin,
Madison, WI, USA
11-13 October, 2005
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Program to Evaluate High Resolution Precipitation Products (PEHRPP)
Planning Meeting
University of California Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA
25 June, 2005
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2nd IPWG Workshop
Naval Research Laboratory
Monterey, CA, USA
25-28 October, 2004
Documents and Presentations

GEWEX-GPCP Workshop on Objective Analysis of Precipitation
Reading, UK
11-13 March, 2003

1st IPWG Workshop
Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia
Madrid, Spain
23-27 September, 2002
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1st Session
CSU Tamasag Conference Facility
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, Colorado
20-22 June, 2001
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